Welcome to the home of the York Alliance Church Youth Group,

fondly referred to as "YAC students".

Student Ministries exist at York Alliance Church to provide generationally-oriented teaching, peer community, and outreach opportunities that cross barriers.  Our desire is to see students passionately growing in Christ while learning how to invest meaningfully in a faith community and discovering their identity and gifting in a Christ-centered environment.

YAC Students exists primarily to serve students in grades 6-12, providing opportunities to experience God through worship and ministry as they discover their identity in Christ.

Many of our activities involve the entire youth group, but we are sensitive to the different maturity levels and plan accordingly. We recognize there is a huge age difference between 6th and 12th graders and try our best to accomodate for that! We have separate high school and middle school groups and utilize them as necessary.

Make sure to visit the stay informed page and sign up for the email newsletter, google calendar, and SMS reminders to be "in the know" for all student activities!