York Alliance Church is a group of people who are learning what it means to be embraced by the grace of God. This means that we constantly focus our hearts on the gospel message—that Jesus lived the life that we couldn't live and then died the death that we should have died in order for us to come to him. This is the truth that unites us all: rich and poor, young and old, every ethnicity, background, and social status. At York Alliance, you don't need to live up to a certain "bar" to be accepted and have a place. As part of the worldwide movement of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination (The C&MA), we are a group of people on a journey with God together. Although we're all at different places on the journey, we're called to love and serve one another and the world around us through him.

Every church has a particular "DNA", or way that they live out God's call for the church. At YAC, we are convinced that the church is not a building, but rather a group of people called together by a common mission. We believe that the most effective way for us to be connected inter-generationally, to care for one another, and to carry out the mission to which we’ve been called is through the "two-winged" church: the celebration gathering on Sunday mornings & the cell wing (Community Groups).

To learn more about York Alliance Church, visit www.yorkalliance.org.